forensic damages

We provide economic damages analyses, expert reports, and expert testimony  to attorneys who represent plaintiffs or defendants in personal and business related disputes. Formed in 2006, ForensicDamages, LLC delivers unsurpassed quality and top-rated service to our clients.  All of our work is performed by William E. Harris, MBA, CVA, an experienced forensic economist with 30 years of relevant experience.  We are able to provide our clients with high quality work at the most reasonable price available.

We are hired in several hundred cases annually to provide economic damage analyses and serve as a potential expert witness in the following types of disputes:


  • Personal Injury and Wrongful Death claims

  • Wrongful termination and related wage loss claims

  • Shareholder and related valuation disputes

  • Business interruption and other insurance loss claims

  • Lost profits and related commercial claims


ForensicDamages, LLC

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