forensic damages

Typically, we are hired in approximately 200 to 250 cases annually to assess the economic losses in personal injury and wrongful death matters.  We are also hired in employment termination disputes as well as in commercial disputes. We issue our expert reports and testify in depositions and at trial. We also corroborate with our clients regarding the types of information they should be seeking to allow us to support our analysis.


Our fee is $375 per professional hour.  Our testimony fee includes our anticipated preparation time and must be prepaid.  Contact us for more detailed information on our fees and retainer requirements.

Our Service Offerings and Professional Fees

Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Claims

Using both case-specific and regularly relied upon statistical data and related information, we calculate lost past earnings and future earnings capacity, value of lost fringe benefits, value of lost services, and personal maintenance and consumption expenses (when appropriate).

Commercial Disputes

Commercial damage claims are typically found in tort and contract-related disputes between two or more businesses.  We calculate lost profits and related economic losses.  We also identify and calculate  incremental expenses associated with the alleged wrongdoing as well as the costs to correct the wrongful action.

Related Expert Services

We have professional relationships with experts who perform functional capacity evaluations, pscychological assessments, vocational evaluations and life care plans. These relationships allow our clients to more easily coordinate needs as necessary for a particular engagement.

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